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Where to eat in Barcelona: my 50 favourite restaurants

Updated: 2 days ago

Barcelona has an extensive gastronomic offer of local and international food suitable for all tastes and pockets. This is why choosing where to eat can be a bit difficult when faced with so many alternatives. To make the task easier, I bring you a list of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona, ​​bon profit!

Last update: 27/03/2023

1. Restaurant L'Olivé 🥩🦐🐟⭐️

L'Olivé restaurant is a classic of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine on Balmes street and in the center of Barcelona. My favourite restaurant in Barcelona. A must go!

My Review:

Address: Carrer de Balmes, 47, 08007 Barcelona

2. Paco Meralgo 🍷🥩🦐🐟

This establishment with two symmetrical bars, wainscots and some strategically placed tables, overlooking the street, is one of Barcelona's benchmarks when looking for a formula to eat a little of everything and this little bit of quality.

My Review:

Address: C/ Muntaner, 171 08036 Barcelona

3. Julieta's 🦐🐟

The spectacular and coquettish space is located in a privileged place: at the foot of the W Barcelona hotel, in front of the beach. Unbeatable views accompanied by first class gastronomy, based on rice dishes,

My Review:

Address: Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19, 08039 Barcelona, España

4. Bar Omar 🍷 🦐🍅🥩🐟

At Bar Omar they have a direct and easy proposal where you can breathe good vibes and in which you can savour small dishes made with quality products, but with a higher execution point than their menu may seem.

My Review:

Address: Dirección: Carrer d'Amigó, 34, 08021 Barcelona

5. Feroz 💃🏼

Barcelona, ​​like all big cities, always stands out for having a cutting-edge restaurant that is in fashion. Right now, this is Restaurante Feroz, without a doubt.

My Review:

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 27, 08006 Barcelona

6. Can Majó 🥘🐟

7. Pez Vela 🥘🐟

8. Casa Petra

If we have to talk about a restaurant that want you to feel as if you were entering through the door of your own home, that is Casa Petra. The mix between a grocery store, an old-fashioned delicatessen and a dining room creates a super cozy place.

My Review:

Address: C. de Manila, 51, 08034 Barcelona

9. Gallito🥘🦐

10. Koy Shunka 🍣

11. Petit Comité🍷🥂

Petit Comitè is Nandu Jubany's restaurant in Barcelona, ​​the gastronomic space that focuses on the reinterpretation of the most traditional Catalan cuisine and its dishes in a comfortable, warm and quiet environment.

My Review:

Address: Dirección: Carrer d'Amigó, 34, 08021 Barcelona

12. Pur Barcelona🦐🐟🍷🥂

13. Rest Bonanova 🥩🦐🐟

14. Bar Cañete 🍷

15. Gorria🥩

16. Taktika Berri🥩

17. Il Comendatore 🇮🇹

18. Cheri 🥂

19. Bimbas 🍣🍷🥂🇮🇹

20. Osmosis🍽

21. Gresca🍽

22. Els Barrils 🥩🦐

23. Restaurante la Lonja 🦐🍅🥩🐟

24. Terraza Martínez 🥘

25. Panko 🍣

26. Parco 🍣

27. Casa Castro 🦐🦀🐙

28. Botafumeiro 🦐🐙🦀

29. Ikibana🍣

30. Monster sushi 🍣

31. Robata🍣

32. Miu 🍣

33. La Barra de Carles Abellan 🍷

34. Granja Elena

35. Estimar 🦐🐟

36. El bou lomoteca 🥩🇦🇷

37. Sintonía 🥘🥩

38. Bar torpedo 🍔🌭🥪

39. Filete ruso 🍔🥩🍷

41. Carlitos 🍷🍺

42. Tierra Brava

Inspired by the typical catalan markets, to offer maximum freshness and proximity, literally from one meter away of the El Mercat del Ninot.

My Review:

Address: C/ de Casanova, 133, 08036 Barcelona, España

43. Salvaje 💃🏼🍣

44. Kao dim sum 🥡🇨🇳

45. La bonaigua 🐟🥘🥩 (Sant just)

46. La balsa

47. Massimo🍝🍝

48. Via Venetto 🍝🍽🇮🇹

49. Metric market 💃🏼

50. Maleducat

51. Coure 🍔

52. Bar alegria 🍷🍺

53. Mana 75 🥘

54. Koh Restaurant 🥡⭐️

Charming and attractive oriental restaurant, specialized in fusion of Asian tastes. They opened in February 2018 and have become one of the most celebrated venues in Gracia.

My review:

Address: C. de Pujades, 133, 08005 Barcelona

I hope that this list with the best restaurants in Barcelona for all tastes and pockets has served you well. If you have more recommendations, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.


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