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Where to eat in Barcelona in 2023

Updated: Jun 9

Barcelona has an extensive gastronomic offer of local and international food suitable for all tastes and pockets. This is why choosing where to eat can be a bit difficult when faced with so many alternatives. To make the task easier, I bring you a list of my favourite restaurants in Barcelona, ​​bon profit!

1. Restaurant L'Olivé

★★★★★ │Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 80-90 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona

L'Olivé restaurant is a classic of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine on Balmes street and in the center of Barcelona. My favourite restaurant in Barcelona. A must go!

Address: Carrer de Balmes, 47, 08007 Barcelona


2. Paco Meralgo

★★★★★ │Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 80-90 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona│Michelin-star

Paco Meralgo: Barcelona's benchmark for quality tapas in a lively tavern atmosphere. Creative dishes served instantly. Casual, warm, and fun.

Address: C/ Muntaner, 171 08036 Barcelona


3. Tierra Brava

★★★★Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 50-60 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Tierra Brava: A Catalan market-inspired restaurant in Barcelona's Mercat del Ninot. Fresh food, signature cocktails, live music. Great value lunch menu.My Review:

Address: C/ de Casanova, 133, 08036 Barcelona, España


4. Bar Omar

★★★★Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 50-60 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Bar Omar: A charismatic chef, inviting ambiance, and delicious surprises. Quality dishes, changing menu, and great wine selection.

Address: Dirección: Carrer d'Amigó, 34, 08021 Barcelona


5. Feroz

★★★★★Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 60-80 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Discover Restaurant Feroz: Spectacular decor, exquisite dishes, and lively nightlife in Barcelona. A culinary masterpiece.

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 27, 08006 Barcelona


6. Albé

★★★★★ │Mediterranean - Lebanese│Avg. 50 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Experience the captivating blend of Catalan & Lebanese flavors at Albé in Barcelona. Exceptional cuisine, stunning ambiance & heartfelt hospitality.

Address: C/ de Mallorca, 196, 08036 Barcelona


7. Casa Petra

★★★Mediterranean│Avg. 50-60 Euros pp│Les Corts, Barcelona

Casa Petra: A cozy restaurant at Calle Manila 51, Barcelona. Delight in their traditional, flavorful dishes & top-notch flan.

Address: C. de Manila, 51, 08034 Barcelona


8. Julieta's

★★★Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 40-50 Euros pp│Barceloneta, Barcelona

Julieta's restaurant: A Mediterranean oasis in Barcelona, with stunning views, delicious paella, and refreshing cocktails. A must-visit spot!

Address: Passeig del Mare Nostrum, 19, 08039 Barcelona


9. Petit Comité

★★★★Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 100-120 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona│Michelin-star

Discover the pleasure of traditional Catalan cuisine at Petit Comitè, Barcelona. Michelin-starred restaurant offering a modern twist.

Address: Dirección: Carrer d'Amigó, 34, 08021 Barcelona


10. Camping Mar

★★★ │Mediterranean│Avg. 50 EUR Euros pp│Barceloneta, Barcelona

Discover culinary wonders at Camping Mar Restaurant in Marina Vela, Barcelona. A hidden gem with a stunning terrace and delightful menu.

Address: Marina Vela, Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 103, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

11. Koh Restaurant

Charming and attractive oriental restaurant, specialized in fusion of Asian tastes. They opened in February 2018 and have become one of the most celebrated venues in Gracia.

Address: C. de Pujades, 133, 08005 Barcelona


I hope that this list with the best restaurants in Barcelona for all tastes and pockets has served you well. If you have more recommendations, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.


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