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Mr Porter Restaurant, Barcelona - Review

Overall rating ★★★★★ │Spanish│60 Eur pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Service: ★★★★Food: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★★Price: ★★★Portions: ★★★★★

Indulging in a feast at MR PORTER steakhouse in Barcelona promises a culinary experience like no other. From succulent steaks to the most heavenly lobster, and even a roasted cauliflower that lingers in your taste buds, this new addition to Barcelona's dining scene is making waves.

The restaurant, located inside the chic Sir Victor hotel, exudes a modern charm with its trendy ambiance and friendly staff. It's not just another steakhouse; it's the sister to the successful Amsterdam branch, maintaining the same hip vibe, delicious cocktails, and service that comes with a genuine smile.

As I stepped inside, the energy was palpable, and it was no surprise that even on a Monday night, every seat was taken. The buzz carried on throughout the evening, creating an atmosphere that was both lively and inviting.

MR PORTER Barcelona presents an open plan space adorned with curved leather booths, ambient lighting, and stylish dark decor. The open kitchen allows patrons to witness the chefs in action, and a wine wall elegantly divides the lounge and restaurant areas.

Food review Mr Porter

Now, let's talk about the real star – the food. The menu is a delight, with gourmet dishes divided into sections like 'little kick start,' 'carpaccio,' 'salad,' 'meat,' 'more meat,' 'seafood,' and 'accessories.' There's even a separate menu for those sinful desserts that are impossible to resist.

The Zucchini Carpaccio was a refreshing surprise, a delicate dance of thinly sliced zucchini adorned with vibrant bursts of flavor. The light, citrusy dressing complemented the crispness of the zucchini, creating a dish that was not only visually appealing but also a delightful exploration of textures and tastes.

The Beef Tartare with Beluga Caviar elevated the dining experience to a new level of sophistication. The finely minced beef was expertly seasoned, allowing the rich flavors to shine. Topped with indulgent Beluga Caviar, each bite was a symphony of textures, the velvety beef merging seamlessly with the luxurious burst of caviar. A true indulgence for the discerning palate.

The Sirloin Steak at this establishment was a testament to culinary mastery. Cooked to perfection, the sirloin showcased a tantalizing crust on the outside while maintaining a succulent, juicy interior. The flavors were robust, enhanced by the steak's natural marbling. Served with precision and accompanied by thoughtful sides, this dish exemplified the art of grilling and left a lasting impression of what a remarkable steak should be.

After a short break, we couldn't resist dessert. The chocolate explosion was a spectacle – a massive chocolate shell filled with milk chocolate mousse, macaron, shortbread biscuits, blackberries, cherry and white chocolate balls, passion fruit mousse, and crispy balls, all drizzled with raspberry sauce. Poured with dry ice and theatrically smashed, it was a chocolate lover's dream.

Despite that, the desserts were a fitting end to an evening of decadence at MR PORTER Barcelona. In a city known for its culinary prowess, MR PORTER steakhouse has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination, offering not just a meal but an unforgettable experience for your senses.

Mr Porter address: C/ del Rosselló, 265, L'Eixample, 08008 Barcelona

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