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Koh Restaurant, Barcelona - Review

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Overall rating ★★ │Asian│Avg. 50-60 Euros pp│Poble Nou, Barcelona

Service: ★★Food: ★★Location: ★★Price: ★★Portions: ★★

Charming and attractive oriental restaurant, specialized in fusion of Asian tastes. Koh Restaurant Barcelona is a personal and very special project by its owner Kike del Olmo, photographer and traveler, with the invaluable collaboration of Ima Garmendia, from Adarbakar, one of the most outstanding ceramicists in Barcelona, ​​and chef Gerard Prat. They opened in February 2018 and have become one of the most celebrated venues in the neighborhood.

Its menu is made up of various dishes with Asian recipes but with local products. In it, the ramen, the soft-shelled crab, which you will not find anywhere else, the mango salad with salmon, the Cal Rovira ribs, the duck gyozas, the tom kha kai soup, the sweet oriental beef and, of course, its varieties of curry: green vegetarian, green with chicken and yellow with prawns. And, among the desserts, exotic specialties such as mochis or green tea truffles.

Be mindful that the menu is changed constantly, innovating with new dishes and mixing flavours. Last time I had the chance to visit the restaurant, I had as starter some oysters, panipuri, thai mango salad and gyozas as starters. As main course some grilled Thai sea bass.

Apart from enjoying its cuisine and its beautiful interior design, in Koh Restaurant Barcelona you can get lost among beautiful illustrated books and the selection of photos of its owner, photographer and adventurer rather than gastro entrepreneur.

Cosy and charismatic restaurant, in which its owner, Kike del Olmo, offers exquisite oriental bites and his beautiful photographs in a space full of charm.

If you are around the neighbourhood, I recommend you to pass by and try their food. Koh Restaurant Barcelona offers quite a good taste of asian food with a very good selection of ingredients. In terms of price, when I went there last time I spent around 40 euros per person with a bottle of wine.

Koh Restaurant Barcelona Address: C. de Pujades, 133, 08005 Barcelona


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