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Restaurant Paco Meralgo, Barcelona - Review

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Overall rating ★★★★★│Spanish-Catalan│Avg. 80-90 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona│Michelin-star

Service: ★★★★★Food: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★Price: ★★★Portions: ★★★★★

Paco Meralgo, with two symmetrical bars, wainscots and some strategically placed tables, overlooking the street, is one of Barcelona's benchmarks when looking for a formula to eat a little of everything and this little bit of quality.

Paco Meralgo has an intentionally sought-after Tapas Bar, tavern atmosphere, which hides something more. And so it is. All non-bar tables are narrow, designed to share everything. The setting and the convenience laid out may seem to suggest a quick meal. Enter, order, drink, eat, exit. Feeling partially wrong. There were six of us and we had lunch for more than two hours. In this sense, I noticed that the balance between those who do not want to table and those who want to make a decent table is very well found. It is not always easy to make the two diner profiles coexist in the same space.

The service at Paco Meralgo accompanies the aesthetics described. Lively waiters, making and waiting to land jokes. With experience, but without leaving the touch and unserious forms of a bar.

When a friend recommended Paco Meralgo to me some time ago, he emphasized the spiciness of one of the dishes. He thought he remembered it was the bombs. It wasn't the case, luckily. Soft, good, very good.

The potatoes bravas are really good, some friends didn't like the spiciness of the sauce but in my point of view is quite balanced.

The Russian Salad is good but not one of my favorites at Paco. The salmon tartar with soy is good, nothing more, but there are less modern, more Bar dishes, which shine much more.

The steak cubes in black pepper to the point, the meat tender. But they didn't wow me enough to praise them further.

The tiramisu highlights the texture and presentation. The montadito de magadascar, iconic of the place. Bread with oil and chocolate, very balanced and well thought out.

Good wines, but they lack a more affordable range that is consistent with the type of food they serve there.

Today, Paco Meralgo is one of the best places in Barcelona where you can try some good tapas. Casual and fun atmosphere in a warm environment, ideal for tasting exquisite dishes, montaditos, fish and seafood always fresh. At the bar or on raised tables, with stools... you choose!

A different way of snacking: You just have to let yourself be surprised by the originality and quality of the tapas, half portions and montaditos made and served instantly at Paco Meralgo.

Be careful because it is usually very crowded on weekends and it is better to call to reserve a table. As a curiosity, look at the waiters, crazy artists. In regards to price, you will find that the tapas have a higher price than other restaurants like Paco Meralgo. The quality of the ingredients and the way of cooking the dishes make the experience worth it. In average, I usually spend around 40 or 50 euros (with some wine of course).

Address Restaurant Paco Meralgo: C/ Muntaner, 171 – 08036 Barcelona Instagram Restaurant Paco Meralgo:

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