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Restaurant L'Olivé, Barcelona - Review

Updated: Sep 4

Overall rating ★★★★★ │Seafood - Mediterranean│Avg. 50-70 Euros pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Service: ★★★★★Food: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★★Price: ★★★★Portions: ★★★★★


L'Olivé restaurant is a well-established Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine classic located in the heart of Barcelona on Balmes street. My personal experience at this restaurant has been exceptional, and I highly recommend it.

Since 1984, L'Olivé has been serving fresh and contemporary cuisine without interpreters. They offer a wide variety of seafood and land-based dishes, focusing on good products and their correct handling. The chef, César Pastor, is in charge of the gastronomic proposal, and everything, including desserts, is homemade.

The restaurant's interior is a combination of traditional and modern touches, with large rooms and careful decoration by the study of Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is a perfect place for any type of celebration. Upon entering, there is a small lounge area with a bar and sofas, making it an ideal place to enjoy a cocktail or drink before or after dinner.

The restaurant's kitchen is open, allowing customers to see the different dishes being made on-site. The dining room is divided into two areas, one with hexagonal tiles on the floor, shelves with jugs, and an olive tree in the center of the dining room. The other area is more traditional, with well-lit walls covered in tiles with paintings of countryside and nature, along with wooden floors, giving the space a rustic touch.

L'Olivé offers a wide variety of wines, with more than 125 references, both national and international, from the most exclusive Priorats to the most prestigious Bordeaux or Burgundy.

Food review of L'Olivé

During my delightful culinary journey at L'Olivé, I began with starters to share. The Cantabrian anchovies were fresh and tender, while the bellota ham croquettes were perfectly crispy and creamy. The Padron peppers were good but lacked uniqueness, unlike the intense duck terrine with sweet apple and strawberries.

However, the true star was the mellow deboned oxtail with mashed potatoes. The meat was incredibly tender, and the sauce displayed patience and expertise in its preparation. The comforting "grandma style" mashed potatoes complemented the dish perfectly.

The highlight of the experience was the hand-cut Ox Steak Tartar, which I saw being prepared in the open kitchen. Opting for the mild version, the combination of flavors with the egg yolk and pepper was exquisite.

Next, I savored the grilled octopus with Iberian bacon and parmentier. The dish showcased a burst of flavors, and the hidden surprise of Iberian bacon added a delightful touch.

The last hot dish was the Grilled Red Tuna Tataki with foie pôelé, a mouthwatering explosion of umami flavors, accompanied by a rich meat juice gravy.

Finally, concluded with the house's "Cheesecake," a super creamy and homemade dessert that left a lasting impression.

Overall, L'Olivé is a must-visit restaurant in Barcelona for anyone who appreciates quality Mediterranean and Catalan cuisine. It is a central location with various public transport options nearby, making it easily accessible. I highly recommend it for any type of celebration, whether it be with friends, family, or colleagues.

Website L'olive:

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Address L'olive: Carrer de Balmes, 47, 08007 Barcelona


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