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Restaurant L'Olivé, Barcelona

Updated: Jan 28

L'Olivé restaurant is a classic of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine on Balmes street and in the center of Barcelona. Do not miss my experience and its interesting proposal.

This restaurant is one of my favorites, everytime I am in town I go there. Located in the Balmes street, on the corner with Consell de Cent, it has been offering a Mediterranean and Catalan proposal of seafood and land since 1984. A fresh and contemporary cuisine without interpreters that they offer with great dedication and sensitivity.

L’Olivé has inside large rooms and a very careful decoration, combining traditional and modern touches. Work of the study of Lázaro Rosa-Violán. It is an ideal place for any type of celebration.

Upon entering and by way of reception you find a small lounge area. Welcome with a bar and sofas to settle in and enjoy the first or last cocktails and drinks of the night.

The kitchen is open and will accompany you as a hall next to the boiling of the cooks at work. You will be able to see the different dishes being made on site. At the end we will arrive at the large dining room of the restaurant.

It has two very different areas. To the left and down the stairs, an area with hexagonal tiles on the floor, shelves with jugs and even an olive tree in the center of the dining room.

To the right a more traditional area, well lit, walls covered in tiles with paintings of countryside and nature that, together with the wooden floors, give a rustic touch to the space.

In charge of the gastronomic proposal is Chef César Pastor. The menu of the restaurant L’Olivé focuses on Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, as we mentioned, they revere good products and their correct handling.

They themselves affirm that their kitchen is transparent, clean and honest. Everything is own elaboration, desserts included. They also have a wide variety of wines, more than 125 references, both national and international, from the most exclusive Priorats to the most prestigious Bordeaux or Burgundy.

Among its dishes I can highlight the open fresh prawn omelette; Wild sea bass tartare with tarragon sauce; Sweet lamb's shoulder in the oven with its garnish; Sapito a la San Sebastian; Black rice with cuttlefish; Baked scallops; Txangurro Cannelloni with Salmon Roe; Pularda de Vilafranca roasted over low heat; Cod “Esqueixada” with “Kalamata” olives… And a long list of delicious options.

Each dish is a journey from the sea to the mountains and vice versa, not only through its flavor, but also through the aromas and textures that each of its proposals give off. A menu of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine to share with different dishes and generous portions. I recommend visiting it with friends, family or colleagues to take advantage of its different rooms for any type of celebration. It is a fairly central location so there will be no problems with getting around the various public transport options nearby.

A good proposal and a good experience, which from me personally I recommend.



Address: Carrer de Balmes, 47, 08007 Barcelona


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