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Restaurant Casa Petra, Barcelona - Review

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Overall rating ★★★★│Spanish - Tapas│Avg. 50-60 Euros pp│Les Corts, Barcelona

Service: ★★★★Food: ★★★★Location: ★★★Price: ★★★Portions: ★★★★

Continuing with the celebration of my birthday, I went with some friends to Casa Petra. If we have to talk about a restaurant that want you to feel as if you were entering through the door of your own home, that is restaurant Casa Petra. The mix between a grocery store, an old-fashioned delicatessen and a dining room creates a super cozy place.

Casa Petra is located at Calle Manila 51 and, although it only opened its doors 6 months ago, it can already boast a certain fame and a good reception by the people of Barcelona.

Restaurant Casa Petra has embarked on this adventure offering seasonal products and even prepared by themselves (the butifarra and tomatoes are fully recommended), just as it was done before, with the intention that you associate the flavor of their dishes, elaborations or products with some traditional touch. And that is what Casa Petra is looking for, that just as they honor the grandmother of one of the partners, you can do it to yours by remembering those snacks.

If your idea is to eat a bit of everything, the assortment of Iberian products is the perfect option -so you won't leave anything without trying the delicatessen. Now, if you trust my criteria - you'll do well to do so - the truffled bologna with Parmesan will blow your mind. Casa Petra is the perfect place for an ideal aperitif.

Once the snacking is behind us and the food gets serious, we can move on to the real action. You could ask for the entire menu and you would not fail, but another option is to go for a fixed shot.

Without a doubt, the classic steak tartare is an option out of 10, both for the flavor and quality of the meat, and for the plus of being able to see how it is prepared. In addition, the accompaniments are very top.

The fried eggs with fries and blood sausage was incredible too. Very tasty and aromatic.

And as the icing on the cake, a winning classic: the flan. The traditional recipe but taken to a higher level that literally melts in your mouth.

What is clear is that Restaurant Casa Petra will continue transmitting the gastronomic tradition to each one of the people who go.

Address Casa Petra: C. de Manila, 51, 08034 Barcelona

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