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Platinum Heritage Desert Safari, Dubai - Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

During my last trip to UAE, I decided to do a Desert Safari with Platinum Heritage. I've been waiting for this special day for a long time and I was EXTREMELY excited! I just couldn't imagine standing in the middle of the endless desert. Today I want to tell you about that incredible day.

We were picked up from our hotel at around 3 p.m. Our tour guide from Platinum Heritage explained the tour to us in detail and showed us a lot of Dubai. When we left the autobahn, we went into the desert.

When we arrived at the gateway to the desert all the tour groups arrived at the same time.

Here, we were greeted by the vintage Land Rover fleet and the camels who were ready for the group heading to the camp with their furry friends.

The team at Platinum Heritage will tie your headscarf in the traditional Arab style. This protects your head and face in the desert against the dry heat and sandy winds.

Then we headed to the desert with our camels. It was a pretty scenic and surreal experience to see the sun go down across the sand dunes in the middle of nowhere. Being interested in photography, I was able to get lots of photos of ever changing light across the dunes as the sun broke the sunset.

The ride was spectacular as we navigated through the desert under the sunlight. The camels were well behaved and quite calm. It was an amazing experience to be in the middle of nowhere without a sound around.

Riding camels through the desert is an enchanting experience that takes you back in time, immersing you in the ancient traditions of desert dwellers. As you mount these gentle giants, you'll feel a unique sense of connection with nature and a harmonious rhythm with the desert's vastness.

The height advantage from atop the camel allows you to gaze across the endless expanse of the desert, feeling humbled by the sheer magnitude of nature's wonders. Time seems to stand still as you take in the breathtaking vistas, feeling a sense of oneness with the world around you.

Falcon show

The Falcon is UAE’s national animal and, as I learned here, the fastest bird on this earth. At the falconry show, you can get up close and personal with these birds and see them in action.

The trainers put on a good show and you can feel the falcon flying at the speed of light over your head!

Bedouin camp

Then the tour with Platinum Heritage continued and we arrived at the camp. The camp looked just fantastic.

In the camp itself there was then food, drink and two shows. The food was prepared in front of our eyes and tasted really great. There were chilled drinks in wooden pots. In the middle of the camp there were again carpets on which you could smoke shisha. We were also allowed to have henna painted. Late in the evening we went back to the hotel.

I have to say that the tour organised by Platinum Heritage was really well organised! We were a really small family for that time and experienced everything together.

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