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The Chedi Al Bait Sharjah Hotel

Updated: Jan 28

On one of my last trips to the Middle East I had the pleasure to be hosted by the Chedi Al Bait in Sharja which is part of the GHM group.

Many associate the United Arab Emirates with Dubai and vice-versa. Less than 30 to 40 minutes drive from Dubai is the Emirate of Sharjah – the third largest and third most populous city in the U.A.E. forming part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area.

Sharjah is proudly U.A.E. centre for culture, with a wealth of museums and exhibition spaces dedicated to the arts. Distinctive landmarks include two major covered souks, reflecting Islamic design, and a number of recreational areas and public parks.

Al Bait in Sharjah is a unique development that brings the history of the United Arab Emirates to life. Spread over 10,000 square metres, this 53-room resort is part of an Emirati conservation project: its rooms, restaurants, spa, and wellness facilities are incorporated into heritage buildings that are almost a century old.

After an easy drive out of Dubai and to Sharjah (around 30 min drive), I arrived at the Chedi Al Bait Sharjah. The valet parking was convenient and efficient. The entire check-in process took place at one of the many courtyards you can find in the hotel complex. The entire hotel property is substantially big and almost like a maze in structure.

The refreshing welcome drink was a non-alcoholic cocktail in a memorable purple hue. The hotel staff who showed me around the complex told me that “Al Bait” translates to “the home” in Arabic. So, when we walked around the hotel, every staff would greet me with a friendly “welcome home.” And amazingly, many of the staff remembered my name ;).

The most good looking parts of the hotel are definitely the outdoor courtyard that were converted into lounges, cafes, and restaurants. There are also some indoor lounge areas, too.

Simple yet sublime, these deluxe rooms under elevated ceilings offer authentic Arabian ambience blended seamlessly with the Asian minimalist design and indulgent comforts for which GHM is known. Elements like the room’s majlis area, meaning ‘place of sitting’ in Arabic and the antique style furnishings, including the commanding bed, tastefully connect these personal spaces to the surrounding Heart of Sharjah neighbourhood and the nearby Souq Al Arsah traditional bazaar, the oldest in the UAE.

The room felt more like a suite and I even had a large courtyard area just to myself. Very spacious with full details. I was very happy to see that they work with Acqua di Parma as the main partner for soaps and creams. As you may have seen, I am currently working with this brand and I am totally in love with their products.

The bed was the comfiest bed I have ever slept in... so comfy I considered buying one for home.

The Chedi Al Bait guests have the privilege of access to The Library, located within the hotel’s Bait Ibrahim Al Midfa heritage building. A unique bibliophile’s dream awaits at any hour of the day or night. You can choose among hundred of antiquarian and contemporary books spanning a variety of subjects and interests.

The breakfast a la carte menu is large. I would always choose a la carte over buffet since it’s made-to-order, and I don’t have to leave my seat . There were many things on that menu that I wanted to try. Taste-wise, I’ll say it’s quite good but not super memorable.

I had the chance also to have dinner during my stay and I would say that it was memorable.., incredible service, outstanding quality and variety in food and cuisines. I order too much as you can see below but I manged to eat it all haha.

Without any doubt, my experience and relation with The Chedi is unique. The level of excellence and detail that this hotel delivers is outstanding. I had always the feeling to be at home all the time and this makes a huge difference.




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