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The Chedi Al Bait Sharjah Hotel - Review

Updated: Apr 24

​Overall rating ★★★★★│5-star Hotel│Avg. 300 Euros pp│Sharja, Dubai

Staff: ★★★★★Facilities: ★★★★★Cleanliness: ★★★★★Value for money: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★

During one of my last trips to the Middle East, I had the pleasure of staying at Chedi Al Bait in Sharjah, part of the GHM group. This was part of a collaboration and I would like to thank again the GHM group and Chedi Al Bait for their hospitality and for giving me opportunity for staying at their premises.

While many immediately think of Dubai when they hear about the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah, located just a 30 to 40-minute drive away, offers its own unique charm. As the third largest and third most populous city in the UAE, it boasts a rich cultural scene, with numerous museums and exhibition spaces dedicated to the arts. Visitors can explore traditional souks, recreational areas, and public parks, all reflecting the distinctive Islamic design of the region.

About The Chedi Al Bait Hotel

Spread across 10,000 square meters, Chedi Al Bait in Sharjah seamlessly blends heritage buildings dating back almost a century with modern amenities. As you explore the property's labyrinthine alleyways, covering the rooms, restaurants, spa, and wellness facilities, you'll happily lose yourself in the experience. Staff members magically appear to escort you whenever needed, confirming with a smile, "It's all part of the experience here."

Al Bait, translating to 'the home' in Arabic, perfectly encapsulates the essence of this unique property. Part of the GHM family, Chedi Al Bait Sharjah is a true gem, immersing guests in the history of the United Arab Emirates. Housed in six restored buildings once belonging to the influential Al Midfa family, who played a pivotal role in Sharjah's history, the resort offers a strong sense of home rarely found in luxury hotels.

Arrival and facilities at Chedi Al Bait

Upon arriving at Chedi Al Bait Sharjah, the valet parking was convenient, and the check-in process was smooth, taking place in one of the hotel's picturesque courtyards. The staff, who warmly greeted me as if returning home, added a personal touch to the experience. Upon check-in, a lovely lavender drink accompanied by refreshing cool flannels welcomed me, setting the tone for a delightful stay. Additionally, I was treated to a brief yet captivating history of the property, adding a touch of intrigue to the experience.

The outdoor pool offers a tranquil oasis shaded from the afternoon sun. With temperature-controlled water ensuring a pleasant swim year-round, guests can unwind and enjoy refreshing fresh juices and light refreshments poolside.

The serene ambiance, accompanied by the soothing sounds of chirping birds, makes it the perfect spot to relax with a good book.

Meanwhile, The Chedi Al Bait Sharjah boasts a spacious in-house fitness center, equipped with a decent selection of strength training and cardio machines. Open 24/7, it offers guests the convenience of maintaining their fitness routine at any time.

As a guest of Chedi Al Bait, I had access to The Library, a bibliophile's dream housed within a heritage building on the property. The extensive breakfast menu offered a plethora of options, all made-to-order, ensuring a satisfying start to the day.

The Chedi rooms

During my stay at The Chedi Al Bait Sharjah, I had the opportunity to experience the Emirati-inspired charm of its 53-key resort, offering a variety of room categories to suit every preference, from the spacious Chedi Grand Room to the cozy Chedi Deluxe Patio Room and luxurious Chedi suites.

Opting for a Chedi Deluxe Room, I was immediately immersed in Arabian ambiance, with its elevated ceilings, Asian minimalist design, and antique-style furnishings. The room even boasted a private courtyard area, providing the perfect retreat for relaxation.

I was pleasantly surprised by the partnership with Acqua di Parma for toiletries, as I'm already a fan of their products. And let me tell you, the bed was incredibly comfortable—I found myself contemplating purchasing one for my own home!

The attention to detail in the room design was remarkable, with every aspect drawing inspiration from Emirati heritage. From the palm frond poles on the thatched roof detail to the antique wood furniture and traditional carpets, each element added to the immersive experience. Even the knotted rope wall hangings felt like a nod to the country's fishing and pearl-diving heritage.

A majlis-style low sofa at the foot of the bed provided a cozy spot to relax, read, and catch up on emails. I appreciated the thoughtful touch of a complimentary platter of nuts, dates, and apricots, offering healthy snacks to enjoy during my stay.

Food at Chedi Al Bait

Dinner at the restaurant was an unforgettable experience, marked by flawless service and an enticing array of culinary delights. Despite perhaps indulging a bit too much, I relished every single bite.

While the lunch menu featured a blend of international flavors with Asian, Mediterranean, and Indian influences, the dinner menu predominantly showcased Middle Eastern cuisine. Regardless of the time of day, each meal surpassed our expectations, confirming the restaurant's stellar reputation.

From the lunch menu, the saffron paneer stood out, its rich and creamy sauce complemented by a subtle sweetness that tantalized the taste buds with every bite. My salmon en papillote was equally delightful, with the herbed flavor perfectly paired with tagliatelle. Ankit thoroughly enjoyed the seabass, accompanied by scrambled eggs—a surprising yet satisfying choice for a low-carb, protein-rich meal.


Throughout my stay at Chedi Al Bait, I was consistently impressed by the hotel's commitment to excellence in every aspect. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality, setting the tone for a truly memorable experience. The attention to detail was evident in every corner of the property, from the beautifully appointed rooms to the impeccable service provided by the staff. Whether I was lounging by the pool, indulging in a delicious meal at the restaurant, or relaxing in the spa, I felt a sense of ease and comfort that made me feel right at home. It's rare to find a hotel that effortlessly combines luxury with a genuine sense of warmth and hospitality, but Chedi Al Bait managed to exceed my expectations in every way. It's an experience I won't soon forget, and I look forward to returning again in the future.


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