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JW Marriott Hotel South Beach, Singapore

Updated: Jan 19

Singapore has a special place in my heart, I've already mentioned it a few times. It makes me very happy to be back home.

On my last visit to the Lion City, I had the privilege to be hosted by JW Marriott Hotel. To be honest, I have amazing memories from there, specially from the pool views.

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach probably stands as somewhat of an oddity when pitted against the other JW Marriott properties around the world. The rooms carry a highly trendy look, with an immaculately white shade interspersed by the shine of stainless steel.

The Room

In terms of the decor of this hotel being a departure from the usual JW Marriott experience, the writing was, quite literally, on the wall. One of the highlights of the Club Premier Room is the window which is situated in the longer side of the room. This allows for more light to come in and along with the clean white choice of decor, add a soothing calmness especially if you love interiors dominated in light shades.

The bathroom design is quite consistent to the clean white theme permeating the room. Shower and toilet areas are partitioned respectively with the toilet itself having a bidet like they do in Japan.


Eating from a breakfast buffet like this is definitely a full-fledged experience in itself, and it’s certainly an exercise in careful and strategic planning if you do want to try a bit of everything on display. Somehow, over two mornings, I was eventually able to sample most of the items in the buffet, and I felt pretty damn proud of myself for doing so.

The highlight of breakfast in the lounge is no doubt the build-your-own-noodle station, where you’d get to choose from a variety of noodle types, garnishes, and broths. I consumed two bowls for breakfast and was still craving more, but I had to save room for the other stuff!

There was a wide range of Asian and Western hot breakfast items adjacent to the live cooking station, the pastries and cereals are available in the centre of the buffet, and the fruits, juices, salads, and charcuterie items are on display within a few chilled racks.

The Pool

One of the things you absolutely must-do while staying at the JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is to check out its swimming pool. Even if you don’t plan to swim, I am quite certain that you’ll be awed by the sumptuous views of Singapore’s CBD.

But seriously, look at the views.

There’s something quite amazing about staying at a hotel with an incredible poolside view like this, knowing you can simply take the elevator upstairs at any time, wearing nothing more than a bathrobe, to drink in the striking skyline views with a cocktail in hand. Needless to say, Jessica and I partook on more than one occasion throughout our stay.

The JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is a spectacular hotel. The hotel highlights are the pool views, the facilities, amazing and spacious rooms and a good food selection.




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