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Playroom Cocktail Bar, Bangkok

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

On my last trip to Bangkok I had the chance to discover a hidden gem. Playroom has an unique luxurious Russian-style at the heart of the city. At Playroom you will find an executive atmosphere of another world, full of charm from the Russian style Speakeasy Bar ready to impress visitors at first sight.

You can experience more than a normal bar because Playroom was created to be a very playful cocktail bar inspired by Mr. Gray's design from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. They welcome you to unleash your fun and spend time enjoying drinks and music in a private setting. Distinguished with characters that are sexy and fun with a touch of luxury. It gives an atmosphere like watching a favorite scene in a movie that has it all.

The atmosphere inside is outstanding with a luxurious decoration style. Attractive with gold contrasting with red and black, the team of Interior Designers, like Paradigm Shift , the team behind the design of Stage, is responsible for creating the design again as usual. full of well-intentioned details with elaborate decorations in every detail.

In the drink menu, Playroom offers a wide selection of beverages, including cocktails, champagnes and whiskies. Don't miss out on 10 signature cocktails specially created to express the identity of the Playroom , including Black & Gold, Sitting On The. Thorn, Mr.Grey, Red Light District, Mrs. Robinson, First Date, Porn Star Martini #2, Eggsy, Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald and Manhattan Transfer, or a wide selection of classic cocktails. The same goes for champagne and whiskey that come with a wide selection of world-class brands. Especially the collection that the shop guarantees a Rare Item, which is only a few in Bangkok.

It is also special the cigar room that is open to those who are especially interested in cigar smoking, with more than 15 selections of good quality cigars to choose from. There is also a private room to accommodate group customers. and want a private party At the same time, you'll be able to enjoy the rhythm of jazz from vinyl records. and quality jazz lifestyle that will keep rotating to lull and create your chill-out experience more impressive than ever.


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