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Udum Vegan Restaurant, Cologne - Review

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Overall rating ★★│Vegan - Asian│Avg. 20-30 Euros pp│Mauritius-Viertel, Cologne

Service: ★★★Food: ★★Location: ★★★Price: ★★★★Portions: ★★

There is a little bit of everything at this modern vegan Asian spot in Cologne. From fantastic sushi creations to salads and soups to bowls - Udum Vegan Restaurant has a number of highlights to offer. Here you can try wonderful vegan delicacies from the fusion kitchen and whoever has been here once, will definitely stop by often and become a regular guest!

The menu is quite large but everything sounds so good that definitely needs multiple visits! The popularity is also evident from the many guests who want to try the vegan delicacies themselves during the week - I'm glad we got a place. When entering the restaurant, I am amazed at how beautiful and modern it looks from the inside: high ceilings, a huge counter and chic furnishings. The service is well organized, incredibly friendly and knows their stuff - if in doubt, you can simply ask for recommendations.

If you would like something sweet as a drink, you can order the in-house sweet drinks and start the evening with them. A clear recommendation goes to the fusion tapas. The "Pink Ladies" in particular are a dream in terms of taste. Pink rice noodles encase tofu, mango, cucumber and herbs in a pink dress. Even if the pink little things are very tasty, I think the dip or lime-chili sauce that goes with them is really great.

The absolute highlights are the sushi rolls and the "Fish Tatar". In both cases you hardly notice that no animal had to die for it. The tapioca-based vegan salmon comes so close to its floating counterpart in terms of consistency and taste that you seriously have to ask yourself: why eat fish at all? In addition, all of this is so photogenic - it's guaranteed that not only food bloggers will pull out their cameras. bets?!

At Udum Vegan Restaurant you can taste the most delicious vegan sushi creations and the fusion tapas are also convincing on a whole level. But reservations are recommended, because the modern restaurant is already in great demand!

Website Udum Vegan Restaurant: Address Udum Vegan Restaurant: Am Rinkenpfuhl 55, 50676 Köln, Germany Menu Udum Vegan Restaurant: Instagram Udum Vegan Restaurant:


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