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The Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

If we talk about the best of Switzerland, I think the first thing I think about is its landscapes and obviously they include its mountains, its lakes and the fairytale houses that Heidi showed us so much in her drawings.

Switzerland offers the most beautiful lakes in the world and after visiting most of them, I want to help you listing my favourites and must visit.

Oeschinen Lake

Having a glacial origin and its turquoise waters, surrounded by those towering and snowy peaks, will leave you speechless. It is an ideal place to spend the day, having a picnic in the surroundings of the lake or hiking routes in its surroundings. But you better not visit it in winter as it is completely frozen!

How to get to Lake Oeschinen?

It is best to visit it from Interlaken. You will have to take two trains, one from Interlaken to Spiez and from there another to Kandersteg. It is one of the best lakes in Switzerland!

You can access the lake by walking through a one hour route from the train station. Although if you don't feel like walking, there is a cable car that will take you to the top. The ticket costs 28CHF (24 €) round trip.

Lake Brienz

This is a different lake than the previous one. It is even more accessible! The famous city of Interlaken is located on its shores, or also the picturesque town of Brienz, which gives its name to the lake. You can do a multitude of activities, perhaps the most common is to take a cruise from Brienz to Interlaken (or vice versa) and hallucinate with the turquoise color of its waters.

However, I believe that the best way to enjoy Lake Brienz is to do so from above. It is surrounded by several mountains, so we recommend climbing the Schynige Platte or the Rothorn, which are reached by spectacular scenic trains.

Thun lake

If we mention Lake Brienz, it's ugly if we don't mention his brother. Interlaken, as its name suggests, is between two lakes: Thun and Brienz. So due to its easy access and the attractions it houses, we believe that you cannot miss it either. The most beautiful section is the western one, in the city of Thun. There you are surrounded by very picturesque houses and the beautiful Oberhofen Castle.

I recommend you to have a better view of the lake at St.Beatus Caves. Not far from the shores of Lake Thun, about 3km northwest of Interlaken, dripstone St.Beatus Caves are located. From there you will have an amazing view of the Thun lake and find secret spots where you can enjoy the best of the scenery.


This was one of the lakes in Switzerland that surprised me the most. Perhaps because I was lucky enough to visit it in autumn and the contrast between the red color of the leaves and the turquoise of the water was fantasy. Without a doubt, a jewel of the Bernese Oberland. In the same day you can combine it with Lake Oeschinen.

How to get to Blausee?

It is relatively easy from Interlaken. You have to take a train to Frutigen and there the 230 bus that will leave you at the entrance. It costs 5CHF (€ 3).

Lake Lugano

This is one of the best lakes in Switzerland and one of the most visited. It is located right on the border with Italy. Take advantage and get to know some of the towns that are on its shore or go up to Monte San Salvatore to have a beautiful panoramic view.

Lake Geneva / Lac Léman / Genfersee

It is the largest lake in Western Europe. It is 72km wide and 12km long. Its main activities are fishing and tourism.

It has a total area of ​​582 square kilometers of which 60% belong to Switzerland and the other 40 to France, since this lake is located on the border between these two countries.

Among its prominent cities on its shores, Geneva and Lausanne stand out. But there are also amazing towns like Chillon and its famous Castle right on the riverbank, another of the most photographed places in Switzerland.

So far my review of the best lakes in Switzerland. We hope it has helped you to plan your trip through that beautiful country.



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