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Sartoria Panatieri Restaurant, Barcelona - Review

Overall rating ★★★★★ │Italian - Pizza│25 Eur pp│Gracia, Barcelona

Service: ★★★★★Food: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★★Price: ★★★★★Portions: ★★★★★

About Sartoria Panatieri

Barcelona's evolution into a global culinary destination owes much to its diverse cultural influences, with its sizable Italian community playing a pivotal role in shaping the city's gastronomic landscape. Among the myriad culinary offerings that Barcelona boasts, its pizza scene has emerged as a standout, fueled by the passion and expertise of its Italian residents.

The recent award given to Sartoria Panatieri by 50 Top Pizza, naming it the third-best pizzeria globally, shows how Barcelona is gaining recognition for its outstanding pizza-making skills.

Led by the dynamic duo of Jorge Sastre and Rafa Panatieri, Sartoria Panatieri's meteoric rise from 21st place to the bronze podium within a year is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the art of pizza-making. This achievement not only solidifies Barcelona's position as a global pizza powerhouse but also underscores the city's ability to rival traditional pizza strongholds like Italy and New York.

With locations in both the Gràcia and Eixample neighborhoods of Barcelona, Sartoria Panatieri offers convenient access to their delectable pizzas and Italian specialties.

Experience at Sartoria Panatieri

Walking into Sartoria Panatieri on a Friday afternoon, I had no idea I was about to dine at one of the top 3 best pizza restaurants in the world. It felt like a stroke of luck to snag a table, and even more so to secure a spot on the terrace, right next to the oven. The terrace's stunning decor, with its white and industrial colors illuminated by soft lights, set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

The service was impeccable, with attentive staff who were not only knowledgeable about the menu but also passionate about their craft. It was clear they took pride in delivering exceptional service and ensuring that every guest felt welcome and well taken care of.

Sartoria Panatieri's commitment to using locally sourced ingredients further impressed me. From cheeses sourced from artisan producers like Molí de Ger to their homemade charcuterie, every ingredient reflected their dedication to quality and sustainability. I admired their support for local producers, which added an extra layer of authenticity to the dining experience.

Food review Sartoria Panatieri

Pizza with Sobrasada, Mahón cheese, wild fennel, honey, and mozzarella (15.50 euros):

The Pizza with Sobrasada at Sartoria Panatieri is a delightful blend of flavors that tantalize the taste buds. The creamy Mahón cheese and gooey mozzarella provide a rich and indulgent base, while the Sobrasada adds a hint of smokiness and spice. The addition of wild fennel lends a fresh and herbaceous note, perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the honey drizzle. Each bite is a symphony of textures and tastes, making this pizza a true standout on the menu.

Pizza with Spicy chorizo, tomato, mozzarella, and fresh oregano (15.50 euros):

The Pizza with Spicy chorizo is a fiery delight that packs a punch. The bold flavors of the chorizo meld seamlessly with the tangy tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella, creating a harmonious blend of savory and spicy. The addition of fresh oregano adds a pop of freshness and herbaceousness, elevating the dish to new heights. This pizza is perfect for those who love a bit of heat and crave bold flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Aubergine parmigiana (15.50 euros):

The Aubergine parmigiana at Sartoria Panatieri is a comforting classic done to perfection. Layers of tender eggplant are smothered in rich tomato sauce and melted cheese, creating a hearty and satisfying dish that is sure to warm the soul. Each bite is a perfect balance of flavors and textures, with the sweetness of the tomato sauce complementing the earthiness of the eggplant. Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat lover, this dish is sure to please.

Tiramisù (5.50 euros):

No meal at Sartoria Panatieri is complete without indulging in their Tiramisù. This classic Italian dessert is a heavenly combination of creamy mascarpone cheese, delicate ladyfingers soaked in espresso, and a dusting of cocoa powder. Each spoonful is a decadent treat for the senses, with the rich flavors and velvety texture melting in your mouth. The Tiramisù at Sartoria Panatieri is the perfect way to end your meal on a sweet and satisfying note.

With a total bill of around 80 euros, including a bottle of white wine and refreshing glasses of water, our meal at Sartoria Panatieri was not just a meal, but an unforgettable culinary journey.

In conclusion

My dining experience at Sartoria Panatieri was nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment I walked in without knowing its prestigious reputation to savoring each mouthwatering dish, every aspect of the experience exceeded my expectations. The ambiance of the terrace, the impeccable service, and the commitment to using locally sourced ingredients all contributed to creating a truly memorable meal. It's no wonder Sartoria Panatieri has earned its place among the top 3 best pizza restaurants in the world. Whether you're a local or a visitor to Barcelona, dining at Sartoria Panatieri is an experience not to be missed.

Sartoria Panatieri Address: C/ de Provença, 330, L'Eixample, 08037 Barcelona

Sartoria Panatieri Address: C/ de l'Encarnació, 51, Gràcia, 08024 Barcelona

Sartoria Panatieri Website:


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