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Not Just Another Cup Cafe, Bangkok - Review

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Overall rating ★│Brunch - Breakfast│Avg. 10-20 Euros pp│Silom, Bangkok

Service: ★│Food: ★★Location: ★│Price: ★★Portions: ★★

(Not Just) Another cup is an Italian-style cafe located in Sathorn area above Soi 10, the shop is a 2-storey building decorated with a comfortable atmosphere, like at home. The shop has WIFI service for customers who want to work and relax at the same time. The shop has a spacious area. Suitable for customers who have an appointment to talk for work or have a meeting as well.

The interior of Not Just another Cup is decorated to feel like home with various chairs and wooden tables in the airy shop. There is a simple white coffee bar. Anyone who wants to sit comfortably can go up to the 2nd floor because there is quite a wide area. There is a meeting room for anyone who wants to sit and talk with Wi-Fi available.

The founder of Not Just Another Cup had the intention since before the store opened, that they want to sell food to people who have to rush to work, get up early, or even students who live urgently in the city If they open late, about 9-10 o'clock, people rush to work. With concern that everyone wants to have food that is healthy for everyone.

I particularly liked the international breakfast section letting you explore the world through culinary wake-ups. The Mexican Breakfast is delicious with its sunny side up eggs, grilled cheese tortilla, creamy guacamole, refried Pinto beans and grilled chicken.

Not Just Another Cup is a strong contender for the top brunch spot in Bangkok, especially for those looking for a perfect Instagram shot. It certainly gets busy at the weekends, which is always a good sign, so be sure to call and book ahead. The pallet tones, furnished wood light space make it a great place to hide and work off your laptop all day, whilst being topped up by decent coffee.

Not Just Another Cup Cafe Website:

Not Just Another Cup Cafe Instagram;

Not Just Another Cup Cafe Address: 75/1 Sathon Soi 10, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


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