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Corner House at Botanic Gardens, Singapore - Review

Updated: Apr 13

Overall rating ★★★★★│French - Asian│100-200 SGD pp│Botanic Gardens, Singapore│Michelin-star

Service: ★★★★★Food: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★★Price: ★★★★Portions: ★★★★

With a Michelin star and steady appearing in Asia’s 50 Best Eatery, Corner House at Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Legacy location, tells stories of sentimental meals, family get-togethers, and stellar gastronomic adventures.

Dining at Corner House feels like coming home to a French-Asian family that awaits you with open arms and a pantry-full of fresh ingredients waiting to be whipped into magical creations. The structure itself was built in 1910, with its primary design protected, and its points of interest modernized to keep up with the times. Chef David Thien and his group display an omakase-style eating encounter that puts the finest seasonal produce in the spotlight.

I had the pleasure to share a lovely evening with a good friend of mine who was invited for a collaboration there. The evening was full of surprises and amazing dishes cultivated and inspired from the Singapore heritage and the environment.

The food made by Chef Jason Tan, Gastro-Botanica, combines the energy that E J H Corner had for Nature, particularly plants, with the dynamic methods of a refined present day kitchen. The meats, poultry, and fish utilized are meticulously sourced and chosen; and botanicals, in specific, are given noticeable quality. Chef Jason Tan’s Gastro-Botanica is based on French cooking strategy, with global influences in flavor.

Chef Jason joined us for lunch to share around the motivations behind the dishes. I inquired him which was his top choice dish. Without question, it was Cevennes onions done in 4 distinctive ways. Cevennes onion is Chef Jason’s top pick vegetable. In this course, I was to begin with displayed with a entirety onion which was oven-baked and emptied, and utilized as a container for onion puree, 62 degree sous vide egg, onion confit and finely chopped dark truffles.

The signature dessert highlights Alpaco chocolate mousse with a lemon curd middle formed likes stones, and served over appetizing chocolate soil and mandarin sorbet, topped with delicately cured shimeiji mushrooms and mushroom-shaped meringue. We too had Liu Sha Bao macaron; Raspberry tart, sable breton, meringue with lime get-up-and-go; and Coffee bon bon.

It was such an experience that will be definitely recorded in my memory. A must go if you like fine dining and enjoying such a special experiences.

Corner House Singapore Website:

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Corner House Singapore Address: 1 Cluny Rd, E J H Corner House Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569


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