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Co Chin Chin Restaurant, Zurich - Review

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Overall rating ★★│Vietnamese│50-60 Euros pp│Industriequartier, Zurich

Service: ★★★Food: ★★★Location: ★★★Price: ★★Portions: ★★

Living in Asia for 2 years and visited most of the South East Asia, I have big expectations on Asian food, so when someone recommends me a restaurant specialized on Asian food, I tend to doubt.

Last week I decided to go with a friend to Zurich and eat some Asian food. Checking on google and some blogs I stepped on Co Chin Chin. Many good reviews and some rumours about how busy it gets made me take the risk and go.

I am always very sceptical with Asian food and if I am writing today an article on my blog about Co Chin Chin is because it really surprised me.

What I particularly like: The Co Chin Chin brings Vietnamese cuisine out of the traditional corner and introduces it into a hip, contemporary restaurant concept with a pinch of French-colonial chic. They ensure that everything that is served is uncompromisingly authentic. None of their dishes are westernized and the kitchen is exclusively made up of Vietnamese.

The menu is a true journey of discovery through the culinary heritage of Vietnam. Well-known dishes such as the popular Pho soups can be found on the menu as well as exceptional ones. How about, for example, Ché Dau Xanh, a traditional dessert with green beans and coconut milk. Or would you prefer Bo Xao, fried beef with the Thien Ly flower vegetables?

When I visited on a Sunday, everything was just right, from the atmosphere to the food. The variety of the dishes on offer impressed us as much as their impeccable preparation. I was particularly impressed by the Banh Xeo, the rice crêpe that is crushed and wrapped in a large leaf of lettuce with beef. If the crepe is often too oily, in Co Chin Chin it was dry, crispy and just perfect.

We tried the fried the Crispy duck with Pak Choy vegetables which was amazing! Also we completed the meal with some steamed rice dumplings. It was a very light meal to be honest even though looks like a lot of food.

Great decoration and ambience combined with great authentic Vietnamese cuisine. A must recommendation if you want for real flavours.

By the way: At the weekend, the Co Chin Chin serves Vietnamese-French brunch and at lunchtime there is a lunch buffet, where you can also get delicious Banh Mi, among other things.

Co Chin Chin Restaurant Website:

Co Chin Chin Restaurant Instagram:

Co Chin Chin Restaurant Address: Gasometerstrasse 7, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland


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