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Clara Restaurant, Barcelona - Review

Overall rating ★│Catalan - Tapas│60 Eur pp│Eixample, Barcelona

Service: ★★Food: ★★Location: ★★★Price: ★Portions: ★

Located in the heart of the city, La Clara boasts an ambiance that strikes a balance between casual charm and refined elegance. With its table linens, carefully curated interior design, and elegant furnishings, the restaurant exudes a sense of understated luxury.

Upon arrival, we were seated at a cozy rounded table tucked away in a corner, which unfortunately felt a bit cramped. Despite the basic decor, the ambiance worked well and added to the overall dining experience. Intrigued by the restaurant's popularity on social media, we eagerly anticipated our meal.

We began by selecting a wine to complement our meal, but were disappointed to find that there were no Rioja wines available by the glass. Reluctantly, we relied on the waiter's recommendation of BALDOMÀ SEL.LECCIÒ (D.O. Costers del Segre) for €4.25 per glass, which unfortunately did not suit our tastes.

Seeking guidance on the menu, we asked our waiter for recommendations and were advised to order 3-5 dishes each for a satisfying meal. Here's how our dining experience unfolded:

Food review Clara restaurant

  • Cod fritters 'buñuelos' at €3.20 each: A basic starter with a crispy exterior and tender interior.

  • Veal cheek with potato puree, Perigord sauce, and foie gras priced at €18: A decadent dish with rich flavors and tender meat.

  • Pickled quail priced at €14: Disappointingly small portion size and underwhelming taste.

  • Presa Iberica carpaccio for €16.20: A flavorful dish, but slightly overpriced for the portion size.

  • Tuna belly with dashi sauce at €19.80: Despite a pleasing taste, the portion size was minimal, leaving us feeling unsatisfied. We only had 3 slices of tuna to be shared among 2 people.

  • Lazy omelette with spring garlic priced at €13.50: Mediocre in appearance and taste, failing to impress.

  • Bread with tomato (four slices) for €4.50: A simple yet tasty accompaniment to our meal. The bread was too cooked for my taste. Quite surprised at the end of the evening to realize that it costed that much.

  • For dessert, we opted for the cream custard priced at €6.50: While enjoyable, the portion size was disappointingly small.

Overall, our dining experience at La Clara left much to be desired. Despite the restaurant's upscale ambiance, the portions were meager, and the taste of the dishes failed to justify the high prices. Combined with a lackluster service experience, we left feeling underwhelmed and with a hefty bill of €68 per person. Regrettably, we cannot recommend Clara Restaurant to fellow diners seeking a memorable culinary experience.

Clara restaurant address: C/ de Buenos Aires, 42, L'Eixample, 08036 Barcelona Clara restaurant website:


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