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Butler Cafe in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Updated: Jan 28

Chef Ryan Butler is a Michelin-starred pastry chef and known for running the popular Williamsburg Butler Cafe. Recently, Chef Butler expanded the cafe on DUMBO, which is right next to the Timeout Market.

Butler looks like a standard coffee shop, and you could just stop by to grab an almond latte on your way to work, but this cafe serves food youโ€™ll want to sit down and enjoy.

The place has a clean aesthetic that perfectly matches the mood of the neighbourhood (which I love it!). Quality ingredients are key and it truly shows in the food thatโ€™s offered here.

I decided to go all in on my breakfast so I went for the sandwich with a runny egg, smoked bacon, cheese, and truffle aioli on brioche. Of course it was just incredible good... but I couldn't leave the place without trying the pastries...

The place is very crowded but its normal as it is quite a touristic spot and of course because of the quality of their food.

Butler Cafe has been featured in many magazines and sites as it is becoming a really well known. I had to wait in line just 10min and managed to find a small table for me and my friend. Apart of having an amazing selection of pastries, the views from the place are just insane:

It was a lovely experience being just bellow the Manhattan bridge and eating such a great breakfast. A great stop if you are visiting DUMBO and you want to recharge some batteries with delicious food and great atmosphere.



Address: 40 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States


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