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Best Things to Do in Mykonos

Updated: Jan 19

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean and one of the most famous Greek Islands, a destination chosen by celebrities, partiers, cruise ships, tourists in search of sun and beautiful beaches and a large gay public.

Known as the Greek Ibiza, in it you will find a lot of action, beaches with crystal clear waters, a beautiful capital, and a lot of other attractions that will make you spend an unforgettable vacation. In this post I will share with you what I did on my last trip to the Island.

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

There are about 800 churches throughout the island, of which the most photographed and popular to see in Mykonos is Panagia Paraportiani, an original construction that is actually 5 churches that began to be built in 1475 and were completed in the seventeenth century. You will find it by the sea a few steps from Little Venice.

Sunset in Mykonos

If there is something fundamental to do and what to see in Mykonos or on any Mediterranean island, that is to contemplate a sunset. The one on the cycladic island is really impressive, only comparable to that of Ibiza, one of my favorite islands.

As I have already been commenting on the best places to see the sunset are:

  • Little venice

  • The wind mills

  • Boni Mill


Greek gastronomy is known worldwide, so you cannot leave the island without trying the moussaka, the salads with feta cheese (fresh, sour and refreshing cheese typical of Greece), the pita bread, Kalamata olives, the cheese called Kopanisti, intensely spicy and with a strong aroma, Greek yogurt, baklava (honey sweet imported from Russian pastries), or the typical gyros which is the Greek version of kebab.

I wrote an article about my favourite restaurants in Mykonos:


The beaches in Mykonos are especially beautiful for their golden (not white) sand and crystal clear waters. And it is that this small Aegean island, with a perimeter of only 89 kilometers and just over 10,000 inhabitants, contains some of the best beaches in Greece.

Of course you cannot leave the island without spending a day in a Beach Club. They are a bit pricy but you will have a great time chilling and listening to great music.

My favourites beaches are:

  • Platis Gialos Beach

  • Ornos Beach

  • Psarou Beach

  • Paraga Beach

  • Elia Beach

  • Paradise Beach

Mikonos Town

Mykonos is characterized not only by its great beaches or partying, but also by the beautiful old town of Chora. Walking the narrow whitewashed streets, with multi-colored balconies, dotted with the lilac and purple colors of bougainvillea is a true marvel.

In the Kastro neighborhood, I recommend you walk through Matogianni street, the most commercial in the city, and the beautiful Agias Paraskevis, Enoplon, Dynameon and Mitropoleos, the most beautiful streets to see in Mykonos. If you are interested in entering the stores, do not worry about the time since they close at dawn.

The Windmills

One of the emblems of Mykonos is its Kato Milli windmills located on a hill from where you get great views of the city. These mills were formerly very important in the local economy due to the importance of this island on the route between Venice and Asia. The ships unloaded the wheat in the port and the mills turned the cereal into flour to feed the crews with bread. From this place you can also contemplate some of the most beautiful sunsets to see in Mykonos.

Little Venice

Located just a short walk from the mills, this is one of the top places to see in Mykonos. It is a neighborhood created in the 18th century by some merchants so that their houses had access to the sea. I recommend you sit on one of its terraces to have a cocktail and watch the sunset.

Hope you liked these list of best things to do in Mykonos. You can find my Google Maps list here for easy access:

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