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Bar Típico barra de tapas, Sevilla - Review

Overall rating ★★★★★ │Spanish│20 Eur pp│Triana, Sevilla

Service: ★★★★Food: ★★★★★Location: ★★★★Price: ★★★★★Portions: ★★★★★

Tapas culture is a revered tradition in Seville, as our city is considered one of Spain's premier capitals of tapas. The ritual of tapas encourages dialogue and camaraderie in fantastic locales where one can choose between hot bites or cold snacks.

This small, traditionally decorated venue stands out with its magnificent bar adorned with Triana-style tiles. Situated in the heart of Triana, this culinary gem beckons patrons with its promise of authentic Spanish flavors in a convivial atmosphere.

Taking inspiration from tradition, the menu of Típico Barra de Tapas is designed with modern times in mind, offering non-stop kitchen service from noon until midnight every day of the week.

With a concise menu of 35 tapas and additional specials, Típico ensures the freshness of its ingredients, promising every visit to be full of flavor and variety. Among its standout dishes are whisky-infused mantecaito, tuna tartare, and the Típico burger. Other delights include cuttlefish meatballs, daily stews, and weekend rice dishes.

Food review Bar Típico barra de tapas

Our gastronomic journey at Típico Barra de Tapas left an indelible impression, prompting us to return not once, but twice, drawn by the allure of its exquisite fare and impeccable service.

Now, let me regale you with tales of the culinary delights that graced our table on these memorable evenings. Our culinary journey commenced with Pulpo a la Gallega, tender octopus served atop a bed of creamy potatoes, drizzled with fragrant olive oil and sprinkled with smoked paprika—an exquisite rendition of this beloved Galician classic.

Next, we savored the Alcachofas al Jerez, artichokes delicately braised in sherry, yielding a harmonious blend of sweetness and depth of flavor that left our taste buds tingling with delight.

Our gastronomic adventure continued with the Gnocchi de Gorgonzola, pillowy gnocchi bathed in a luscious gorgonzola sauce, offering a delightful interplay of creaminess and tanginess that left us craving for more. The Croquetas de Jamón, golden-fried croquettes filled with velvety béchamel and savory jamón, were a comforting reminder of Spain's rich culinary heritage, while the Pluma con Mojo Verde, succulent Iberian pork shoulder served with vibrant mojo verde sauce, showcased the restaurant's commitment to sourcing premium ingredients and showcasing them in their purest form.

But the pièce de résistance came in the form of the Magret de Pato, tender duck breast cooked to perfection, its crisp skin yielding to reveal succulent, rosy-hued meat that melted in our mouths with each luxurious bite. And who could forget the Solomillo con Foie, a decadent marriage of tender beef tenderloin and creamy foie gras, elevated to new heights of indulgence by a rich, velvety sauce that left us utterly enchanted.


In summary, our dining experience at Típico Barra de Tapas transcended mere culinary exploration—it was a celebration of Spanish gastronomy at its finest, where each tapa spoke volumes about the passion and dedication of the chefs behind the scenes. With its warm hospitality, delectable fare, and charming ambiance, Típico has undoubtedly earned its place as a culinary destination in Seville, beckoning both locals and visitors alike to savor the essence of Spanish cuisine in every bite.

Bar Típico barra de tapas operates under a work philosophy that prioritizes quality and honesty. With its prime location, friendly staff, reasonable prices, pleasant atmosphere, and efficient organization, Típico Barra de Tapas embodies the new culinary adventure by "La Vida en Tapas." For a surefire bet on authentic tapas, Típico is the place to be.

Overall, Bar Típico barra de tapas promises an authentic and delightful tapas experience, representing the very essence of Seville's culinary tradition.

Address Típico Barra de Tapas: C. Pagés del Corro, 86, 41010 Sevilla


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