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Asia Herb Association Herbal Massage & Spa, Bangkok

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

There are many alternatives for massage in Bangkok and I had the chance to try quite a few in my life so far. Today I would like to share with you the Massage spa that surprised me the most and share my experience.

Asia Herb Association is a shop that offers massage & spa for health that has expanded in Bangkok and there are also other branches abroad as well. The interior of the shop is decorated with warmth and harmony. There is a soft orange light. reflected against the brown wall, similar to the color of copper. There are delicate details such as lamps made of wrought iron in various patterns. to increase the brightness of the interior appropriately It's an atmosphere that is really nice to touch and relax.

The course here focuses on massage to relax the muscles. By using 100% organic herbal products that customers can be confident that there are absolutely no chemical contaminants. because they planted themselves at the nearby farm with Khao Yai National Park, such as ginger, lemon, kaffir lime, citronella… The signature course of the spa is the “Massage with Organic Herbal Compress”, outstanding with as many as 18 types of herbal compress balls, available in the form of “Thai Traditional Body Massage”, “100% Pure Blend Oil Foot Massage” and “100% Pure Blend Oil Body Massage”. These 3 types will also be combined with Organic herbal compress.

I had a 2 hour massage with the Organic Herbal Compress and I can tell you that I left me astonish... very professional service and they really know what they do. To highlight that the prices in this spa are higher than in normal spas around... the main reasons are the quality, cleanliness and good service that they offer. Nothing to compare to the cheap spas around Bangkok.

Once the massage is over. I would recommend you to come and try a drink at the cafe corner of the shop, which will have fresh, fragrant coffee, most importantly, coffee beans that come from 100% organic farms are served. Or it can be a fruit drink, you can choose. which are all from the garden and all 100% organic farms.


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