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Al Dayaa Restaurant, Cairo - Review

Updated: Feb 6

In the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Cairo, the introduction of Lebanese cuisine has left food enthusiasts in a delightful conundrum: How does one strike the perfect balance between authenticity and local adaptation? This dilemma brought us to Al Dayaa, a well-established Lebanese restaurant in Cairo, which recently expanded its presence to the serene neighborhood of Degla in Maadi. With its reputation for offering genuine Levantine flavors and a cozy atmosphere, our curiosity led us to the Zamalek branch to experience the Lebanese culinary magic for ourselves.

The décor was a visual tribute to Levantine culture - a fusion of dark wood, contrasting against rustic stone, and an enchanting burst of color from the chairs, bread baskets, and hanging lights. The atmosphere, resonating with traditional Lebanese melodies, immediately transported diners to the heart of Lebanon.

The friendly and welcoming staff, was eager to ensure that every aspect of our dining experience was memorable. It's worth noting that their warm hospitality added an extra layer of comfort to the ambiance.

And then, of course, came the main event - the food.

Al-Dayaa food review

Hummus (50 EGP): Al Dayaa's hummus was an exquisite blend of creamy chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and garlic. Each bite was a revelation, with the flavors dancing on our taste buds in perfect harmony. The smooth texture and authentic taste were a testament to the restaurant's commitment to offering genuine Lebanese cuisine.

Mottabal (50 EGP): The smoky and rich mottabal, a delightful companion to the hummus, was another star on our table. Made with roasted eggplant and tahini, this dip was bursting with flavor, and the pita bread served on the side provided the ideal canvas for this delectable creation.

Haloumi Cheese (80 EGP): The dish continued to impress with the haloumi cheese, an absolute delight for cheese lovers. Grilled to perfection, the haloumi cheese had a satisfyingly crispy exterior, giving way to a creamy and salty center that was simply irresistible.

Fattah with Beef (110 EGP): The pièce de résistance of our meal was the Fattah with Beef. This dish showcased Al Dayaa's culinary prowess with a generous serving of tender beef pieces layered over a bed of crispy pita bread and rice, all smothered in a flavorful tomato sauce. The fusion of textures and flavors was a revelation, making this dish an instant favorite.

In a city brimming with Middle Eastern dining options, Al Dayaa successfully manages to stand out with its commitment to authenticity, warm hospitality, and exceptional flavors.

If you're in Zamalek and craving a taste of Lebanon, Al Dayaa should undoubtedly be on your culinary itinerary. With a charming ambiance, a welcoming staff, and dishes that pay homage to the flavors of the Levant, Al Dayaa in Zamalek ensures an authentic Lebanese dining experience that's hard to forget.

Address Al Dayaa Restaurant: ١٨ ب, شارع المرعشلي, Zamalek, Egypt


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